Healthy school food is an essential building block for a family orientated school like Finborough.  Eating well, eating together and sharing food is an essential integrated part of our wellbeing and health education.

We aim to ensure that all our food is varied and interesting and encourage our pupils to try a wide range of foods preparing them for life in today’s multicultural world.

We also aim to set ourselves above the rest by establishing a positive association between diet and education. Eating well and being physically active will improve your children’s health as well as their ability to learn and achieve at school. Encouraging your children to eat healthily now will make them more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle as they get older.

Focusing on nutrition, we have been keen to introduce new food types and superfoods gradually to our, already excellent, menu and Jason, our Head Chef, asked for boarding pupils’ help as we shaped our new look menu.

Since the introduction of our new menu, our pupils have demolished the new look salad bar which includes additions such as hummus, beans and pulses, beetroot and carrot salad, prawns, smoked salmon and salad leaves, not just boring shredded lettuce.  We have away from the use of mayonnaise in our salad bar and introduced at least 7 superfoods with the use of olive oil and homemade dressings.

Recently, pupils have been offered Moules Mariniere, paella, baked salmon, cheese glazed cod and coconut chicken alongside other delicious dishes.  Fish and chip Friday, an old favourite, has been missed by some (we have promised that they will appear every so often); however, despite the change, our Head Chef has reported that the new fish dishes on offer instead are extremely popular.  The choice of fruit has expanded; we still offer the staple fruits and have introduced dragon fruit and other exotic fruits alongside mixed berries.  Seeded flapjacks have been so popular pupils that were asking for seconds – strawberries with maple syrup and black pepper are a huge hit!

For breakfast the boarders have a choice of smoothies alongside the choice of 5 cereals including granola and a choice of 3 hot items. The smoothies have also been introduced as a mid-morning snack for staff, weaning them away from the biscuit tin.

As part of the new menu, pupils are enjoying a wider selection of food: up to 6 different sauces for the pasta bar and 6 types of Chinese dishes for tea.  Our staff encourage the pupils to try something new – not liking something is fine; trying something new is important.

We will always offer a balance of food types; our aim is to help our pupils make informed choices about what they eat, help them to understand how food affects their physical and mental wellbeing and to hopefully inspire a few people to get in the kitchen!

We have also moved to make our kitchen nut free ask that parents do not send in any items which contain nuts; of course, we continue to provide specific food for children with allergies or special dietary requirements.

The changes we have made to our nutritionally offer are not just for this term – we are committed to this for the long term.  This is an exciting change for the staff and for the children – we hope that, as a result of these changes, our pupils will not have that post lunchtime energy crash, will be able to concentrate a little better and be better equipped to fight off illness.  The feedback from staff, pupils and parents has been really positive.