Sport runs in our blood at Finborough. From Nursery upwards, pupils are full of enthusiasm and energy. All pupils from prep 1 to 6 take part in physical education at least 3 times a week, including swimming lessons throughout the year.

In the prep school we are keen to give pupils the chance to learn a new sport and then test their new skills through competition. From an early age we aim to focus their natural competitiveness through sport and understand the value of winning and losing.

In prep 1 and 2, pupils play mixed gender games. The lessons and skills are based around the main principles of games that they will learn in greater detail in prep 3 and 4. They focus on throwing, catching, possession and marking opponents. In prep 3 & 4, girls play Hi 5 netball (no wings and everyone rotates to each position), Hockey and Rounders. They move onto Netball, Hockey and Rounders in prep 5 and 6. Most recently, the girls have had the opportunity to compete in a cricket competition and they thoroughly enjoyed learning a new game. Boys from prep 3 to 6 play Football, Rugby and Cricket, at varying levels. All pupils will represent the school in a sport during their time in the prep school, whatever their skill level. We believe that hosting and being hosted by a school at a fixture is as much of a valued skill as playing the match.