Please find below our fees for 2017 2018


Age at         International    Full    Weekly    
1st Sept       Boarding  Boarding    Boarding      Day Year
Years          Fee    Fee    Fee      Fee Group
Preparatory 5yrs+              –    £6760   £5470     £3395   5-6
                       –    £6570   £5280     £3210   3-4
    £3020   1-2
Pre-Preparatory 4yrs+              –       –    –     £2815




  • A full term’s notice, by letter addressed to the Principal, must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from the School or a full term’s fees in lieu will be due and payable. A “full term’s fees” is defined as the fee shown on the current fee list and excludes any reduction by way of sibling or other discounts.

Such notice must be received by the School on or before:

  • 06/07/2017 for leavers at the end of the autumn term 2017.
  • 14/12/2017 for leavers at the end of the spring term 2018
  • 22/03/2018 for leavers at the end of the summer term 2018.
  • Fees are fully inclusive of all meals, educational materials and initial examination fees. Some subjects require field trips and/or specialist materials that are charged for in addition to the termly fee.  Sixth form pupils provide their own specialist text books. GCSE/A Level revision guides are provided at cost price by the school.
  • For International students, the full fee includes 1 hour per week English as an additional language as 2 x 30 minute lessons. Any additional 1 to 1 lessons are charged accordingly.
  • Advance payment of fees will secure future fees at current levels as well as attracting a termly credit on the pre-paid balance. The accountant can provide details and worked examples of potential savings.
  • Facilities are available for Day pupils to remain at School until 30pm, and to have supper at no additional cost.
  • For day pupils we offer a 10% reduction for the 2nd child, 15% reduction for the 3rd child and a 20% reduction for a 4th or subsequent
  • Forces parents are entitled to a Prompt Payment Discount on full boarding fees that ensures the Children’s Educational Allowance always covers approximately 90% of the fee payable.
  • A registration fee of £400 per pupil is required upon joining the school unless the pupil is only accessing their Early Years funded hours at our nursery. For international students a registration fee of £500 is required.
  • Individual tuition for pupils with dyslexia or other Intensive Teaching requirements is available at £30.00 per 30-minute lesson.
  • Overseas pupils who are not native English speaking are charged £35 for an individual E.S.L. lesson and £25 for a shared lesson of 30 minutes each.
  • Weekly Boarders are normally resident Monday to Thursday inclusive, leaving after School on Friday, returning for start of School on Monday each week. Other arrival and departure arrangements can be made upon request.
  • “Occasional” boarding facilities are offered for day pupils, and weekly boarders can remain at School at weekends, on payment of £55 for Seniors and £45 for Preps per night.
  • Dental, Optician, Orthodontic and non – emergency Medical appointments are charged at £10 per visit in Stowmarket and £35 per visit if they are located in Bury St Edmunds or Ipswich.
  • An expense account deposit of £500 is required per family by commencement of the first term. This will be used to pay for any minor trips, uniform orders and other expenses as required during the term. You will be contacted to top this up if the balance has been used before the end of term. Any credit balance is fully refundable when the last child leaves and all expenses have been cleared. For International students this deposit is £1000.
  • Fees and any expense account balances are due and payable in full AT LEAST one week prior to the start of term. Where fees are not paid by the due date a surcharge of £100 is payable for the first week and thereafter interest becomes payable, accruing daily at the rate of 15% per annum. An administration charge of £15 is made for each reminder. BACS payments can be made to HSBC Account Number 62324369, Sort Code: 40-25-31, IBAN: GB22MIDL40253162324369, SWIFT/BIC: MIDLGB2114U.
  • A full term’s notice in writing must also be given of change of status (e.g. from boarding to day pupil) or payment of the difference in the level of fees in lieu of such notice will be due.
  • A full term’s notice in writing must be given of any reduction in individual tuition lessons or payment of the difference in the number of lessons in lieu of such notice will be due.
  • A full term’s notice in writing must be given of any reduction in nursery sessions attended or payment of the difference in the number of sessions in lieu of such notice will be due.
  • The School will not be liable to refund any fees for a term, nor any proportionate amount of any such fees, in respect of any period of pupil sickness or other absence during that term nor in respect of any period of temporary or permanent exclusion of a pupil during that term.
  • Early years funding grants from Suffolk County Council are available covering 15 hours Nursery care for 3 and 4 year olds, we are part of this scheme. Please ask for more details.