Our aims and objectives for Art at Finborough are: to develop creativity, imagination and a love or appreciation of art; to improve children’s ability to control materials and tools; and to develop a confidence in the use of different materials.

We believe that Art stimulates creativity and the use of imagination. We encourage children to explore the world through different media, and to communicate what they feel and think through a variety of processes.

Art lessons allow children to develop skills which are easily transferrable into different subject areas. By creating different pieces, children are able to make judgements or evaluate artwork, and help them to decide how to improve their own pieces. Through experimenting with different media and techniques, children learn to take risks and have a go, which is always encouraged.

In Key Stage 1, children learn to explore and develop their ideas and begin to try out using a range of materials and tools, including drawing, painting, collage and printing. They have opportunities to look at the work of other artists and think and talk about their ideas so that they can improve them.

Key Stage 2 pupils begin to investigate and develop their own ideas in more depth. They learn the theory behind different techniques and processes, and begin to use them to design their own more elaborate pieces.

All our children in the Prep School have a double lesson (60 minutes), each week in our well stocked Art room. Prep 4 to 6 pupils are taught by Michaela Harwood, our graphic designer, and they already produced some fantastic pieces of 3D artwork, which graced our foyer.

Through the use of good quality equipment and knowledgeable staff, children at Finborough are able to develop a passion and enjoyment for Art.