The use of English in spoken and written form is the foundation of all learning.

We believe that literacy and communication are key life skills and through the English curriculum we aim to help children develop the knowledge and attributes that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large.

Children are encouraged to embrace challenge and opportunity at every stage. Our creative curriculum approach allows children to continuously link their learning. Varied and exciting units of work with context embedded tasks give activities a firm purpose, embracing technical as well as imaginative exercises.

Children are taught to be confident and imaginative writers. Internal and external prose and poetry competitions are held on a regular basis. We submit entries to the Suffolk Festival, which is held in October each year, and return will armfuls of certificates and positive praise from the judges. The importance of reading is high on the agenda too; children are encouraged to read regularly and share books both at home and at school. We have a room within the prep school, which is dedicated to reading, and has a wealth of non-fiction books for research.

We recently held an English twilight session for parents and have added some useful information below.