By teaching history, we aim to provide the children with a wealth of knowledge and understanding about different periods in time. We aim to foster enquiring minds that will search for answers as well as asking questions, a skill that is applicable across many disciplines.

All children (and staff), from Year One to Year Six belong to the ‘House’ system. Our House names are taken from key historical figures, Nelson, Churchill and Marlborough. The children, together with staff, learn about the history of these figures, understanding why they continue to be recognised today and what we can learn from them.

History begins from the moment the children step inside our school. The very nature of the building sets many minds wondering what might have happened down in the cellar or the servants’ secret passageway many years ago!

For our nursery children, history begins with yesterday and the day before. In this context, children begin to share their ‘news’ using the very basic language needed to recount events that are meaningful to them.

History in Key Stage One ranges from examining Toys Now & Then, to the study of The Great Fire of London and how our holidays compare with those long ago.

In Key Stage Two, children focus on invaders and settlers and examine how our country has been changed and influenced by other civilisations, such as the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Tudors. Further studies explore how Britain has been shaped by the Romans, the Victorians and the impact of World War II. History of ancient civilisations across Europe and beyond is also studied, with topics on the Ancient Greeks and the Aztecs.

History may begin through a story but is brought vividly to life in every classroom. It is taught in conjunction with geography, whilst also exploring other cross-curricular links, collectively known as ‘Topic’.

A range of themes are covered in each year group, with each showing a different bias towards the different humanities. Alongside the library, ICT is used as a research tool, drama, music, art and trips are also used as key component in bringing this exciting subject to life.

In Key Stage 1, children have a vast breadth of learning experiences to build the foundations of knowledge, history topics focus on the lives and lifestyles of familiar people in the recent past and about famous people and events in the more distant past, including those from British history.

In Key Stage 2, develop their knowledge by learning about important key dates and civilisations in British and world history, invaders and settlers is a common thread that runs through these lessons, with children gaining an insight into motivation and consequences.