At Finborough we have embraced the changes in in the former ICT curriculum and have moved to a more Computer Science curriculum. This means that schools are going to be encouraged to stop teaching software packages (eg. the Microsoft suite of applications: Word, Excel, Publisher) and to start teaching the skill set that is required to programme computers; a highly desirable ability in today’s world.

We have a progressive outlook to technology in as we move to being a Google based school. All pupils have a Googlemail account where they can access their work at school and at home, making changes through Google Docs and then communicate with their teachers. This is linked with our Finborough Cloud, which through the child friendly icons, children are given safe links to websites that have been vetted and will be useful in helping with other areas of the curriculum, such as Maths, English, Science and topics of interest.

With the introduction this term of I-Pads and Chrome books to the Prep School we are in a great position to provide teaching and learning that integrates technology to all areas of the curriculum. With tablets readily available, children’s interest is peaked and new potential is discovered. With digital technology so prevalent in our society the Finborough School Computer Science curriculum gives them the best start in this discipline.

We recently held a twilight session for parents providing information on Computer Science at Finborough. Information on this session can be found below.