Mathematics in the prep school is always fun, interactive and engaging. Our primary objective is for the children to enjoy Mathematics and, of course, to be confident and successful learners.

Children in the Prep School are taught Mathematics by their class teacher from prep 1 to 4 and are then ability grouped in prep 5 and 6.

There is always a degree of repetition in Mathematics as it is all about learning and, importantly, consolidating knowledge, understanding and skills. Therefore, each year the children will encounter familiar concepts, to which their knowledge and understanding will become deeper and their skills more complex.

Every child in the Prep School receives a Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic book. This gives them weekly practice in answering a series of basic Mental Arithmetic questions and is most useful in preparing children for the vast range of language used in Mathematical questioning.

Children are assessed regularly in Mathematics, from the observation of group work and the regular marking of exercise books, to end of term assessment tests and SATS at the end of Year 6. The teachers provide regular feedback to parents and children on targets and we have provided some useful information for you below.