At Finborough School, Modern Foreign Languages begin in Prep 1 with a 1 hour French lesson per week. In Prep 6, pupils have 30 minutes French and 30 minutes Spanish per week.

In KS1, pupils focus on listening and understanding. They drill words and small sentences and explore their meaning. Through a large variety of games and activities, they use the language in context and start to assimilate key vocabulary (greetings, colours, numbers, feelings…). They have the opportunity to ask and answer simple questions in the target language using flashcards, role plays and puppets to create real situations of communication. They also learn about France using ICT and practicing traditional songs.

In KS2, pupils start to look into the mechanism of the language. They understand more complex sentences and are aware of simple grammar rules. Practicing the 4 skills of communication (listening, speaking, reading and writing), they use the language to communicate, describe, speak about themselves and express their emotions in a wide range of realistic situations. They also learn about foreign culture, looking at maps and learning traditional songs and stories.

Our pupils always look forward to their language lessons because it’s fun and during the day, they use every opportunity to speak it so don’t be surprised if you hear “bonjour!” or “Ola!” in the corridors.