It is the aim of the Music Department to encourage the children at Finborough School

• To listen to music critically, using the correct musical vocabulary
• To study music performance according to their individual ability
• To create their own music through composition

This will encourage the children to enjoy music in all its varied genres. The underlying principle of the work is the assumption that pupils gain confidence, maturity, greater self-discipline and enhanced social skills by participating in organised music activities, thus enriching their all-round learning in the school environment.

Choir also plays a huge part in the enrichment programme, and children flock to rehearsals every week. Choir gives them such a range of experiences, from performing in services to singing on stage at Disneyland Paris, it certainly enriches Finborough Life.

Instrumental Tuition
Instrumental tuition takes place during the normal school times on an individual basis. Lessons are of 30 minutes duration once a week. From the beginning the pupils are taught the principles of music notation, the appropriate technique for playing the instrument concerned, supported by theory of music and aural skills. As the pupil progresses the repertoire becomes more wide-ranging and may introduce various styles and periods in music history.

To ensure proper progress the pupils will have to practise at least 10 – 15 minutes twice a day but those who are more advanced will need considerably longer practice each day to ensure good progress.