There is a big emphasis on sport at Finborough and that is reflected in children having 3 games sessions per week.

During the winter months boys play rugby and football, with the girls partaking in hockey and netball. Swimming is a constant feature throughout the year, with cricket, rounders, athletics and cross country all being played in the summer months.

Skills, fitness and technical aspects of each sport are developed during the year. These are honed during training sessions and put into practice during regular fixtures. Individuals are encouraged to develop within a team environment. One of the things we are very proud of at Finborough is our inclusive policy for fixtures, ensuring that every child gets the opportunity to play in matches, not just the elite.


Children thrive on fun and fresh air, and at Finborough School we have plenty of that!

Physical Education teaches the disciplines of dance, gymnastics, ball skills and athletics which is taught to the children each week, outside when the weather is fine and inside our state of the art sports complex on those cold, wet days during Winter.

The key focus of PE is the acquisition and development of a range of core skills. Children at Finborough work with energy and enthusiasm, team work is embraced, while success, determination and effort are celebrated in an environment of respect and support.


All children in Finborough Prep School from Reception to Prep 6 are offered the chance to swim once a week.

The children are transported by bus to Stowmarket Leisure Centre on Tuesday or Thursday and are taught the essential skills of water confidence and swimming strokes following The National Plan for Stages 1 – 7. We feel swimming is incredibly important for physical activity and as a crucial life skill.