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All pupils are expected to wear school uniform (as per the uniform kit lists) during the school day and to follow the school rules and guidelines relating to hair and jewellery.

Uniform should be worn neatly and should be kept clean and in good order. Shoes should be cleaned regularly. Shirts should be tucked in to trousers and skirts and, when appropriate, collars fastened and ties done up to the neck.

Shoes should be plain black leather and should not be trainer like in appearance. Girls should not wear sling backs or sandals and heels should not be more than one inch, for health and safety reasons.

Prep School Uniform (Year 3 – Year 6)

  • Girls’ hair longer than the top of the collar must be tied up with school coloured hair bands and/or grips. All hair is to be kept off the face with fringes being kept out of the eyes. Boys’ hair should not be longer than the top of the collar. There should be no thick layers of gel and hairstyles must not include steps or lines
  • No hair accessories – such as flowers, stars, diamonds
  • Hair should not be unnaturally coloured or highlighted
  • Pupils may wear a watch, 1 ring and 1 charity band
  • No make-up or nail varnish permitted
  • One pair of stud earrings in silver, gold, white or blue – no bigger than 0.5 cm is allowed
  • School coat, scarf and beanie
  • Boys wear white shirts (long or short sleeved), school tie, school jumper and tailored mid-grey trousers or shorts with grey socks
  • Girls wear white blouses (long or short sleeved), school tie, school skirt (worn on or below the knee), school cardigan and knee high navy school socks (white ankle socks, not trainer socks, may be worn in the summer term, and navy winter tights from October to March)

For both boys and girls, warmer coats may be worn in the winter, in addition to suit jackets. Coats must be smart and neutral coloured without logos. Leather or denim jackets and hoodies are not allowed.

The school reserves the right to make the judgement about the suitability of hairstyles and colours and will take action if pupils return to school with unsatisfactory hair.

  • Boarders will be excluded from classes and school activities until their hair is deemed satisfactory
  • Boarders will be sent to the hairdressers and/or asked to purchase a home hair-dye kit in order to re-dye their hair. The cost will have to be met by parents
  • Day pupils will be sent home until their hair is deemed satisfactory
  • Flagrant breaches of these guidelines will be dealt with through the normal disciplinary procedures of the school.