At Finborough, the Senior School is about preparation for independence and life beyond school. It is a gradual path – in Year 7 the way is gentle and there are plenty of guides and helping hands. The road becomes gradually more demanding through Year 8 and 9. By the end of Year 9 we aim to help young people make their first major decisions about their future direction. At this stage no decision is final and no route is closed down but pupils begin to know their own mind and have a sense of the direction they wish to go. In Year 10 and 11 we seek to help young men and women equip themselves with the qualifications and core skills required for the next step. By the time they are entering the 6th form most of our students have acquired the independence of mind and the confidence that comes from self-knowledge. Now they are learning with a purpose and are increasingly ‘goal orientated’.

The Senior School is not just an academic machine to develop exam skills and gain good grades. We know good grades are essential and we know that ultimately the demands of public examinations must take precedence. But we also know that qualifications only get you to the interview – it is your character and your wider personal qualities that will get you the job! Therefore we do consider life skills important, we do think enrichment is essential and we do believe that opportunity, responsibility and duty are essential for forming character. To that end we have a Life Skills programme designed to develop self-knowledge, we have our Senior Prefect and School Officers system to provide opportunity. We seek to challenge and we encourage young people to take responsibility.