If you want activities to challenge and develop your expressive, visual or practical skills or you want to challenge thinking skills and develop mental agility then’ Practical Arts’ is for you.

The Senior Choir – Years 9 through to 13 (and a number of volunteer staff) meet and rehearse every Friday. With a repertoire including pieces of sacred music, numbers from the heyday of musical cinema and popular music pieces, performance opportunities from concerts, local Festivals, the Carol Service and tours abound. Mrs Robson is choir mistress and chief strategist and her energy, skill and dynamic leadership results in a dedicated and hardworking team. Approaching a third of the senior school is involved and the atmosphere, as well as the sound, is rich, warm and rewarding.

Art enrichment is offered to all senior school age ranges. Mr Downey and Miss Alman offer a full range of artistic experience including 2D, 3D, fabric, sculpture, and computer based activities with all levels of skill catered for. Those in the school community who study art to either GCSE or advanced level can also use the sessions to provide more opportunity for developing their own work.

Visual arts and photography is a very popular option available to all senior year groups. Coordinated by Mr Martin Russell, who is himself an accomplished photographer with access to a variety of equipment and image rendering software, this activity can easily be linked to the art work offered by Mr Downey and Miss Alman or with Mr Bennett’s online school magazine and website.

Magazine and website. Mr Bennett offers senior pupils the opportunity to become part of the team producing a school online magazine and website. The commissioning team are looking for any contributions – prose, poetry, comedy, visual arts, interviews, reportage – that reflect the wealth of creativity and talent here at Finborough.

The ‘pop up’ restaurant run for Year 7 and 8 students is a 5-6 week course in which students research and plan a menu, cook and then present a three course themed meal to an invited list of guests. This is a vital life skill and an excellent team building exercise.  The results, under the careful supervision of Mrs Watson and Madame Davis, are superb for the diners but most of all highly satisfying for all those involved.


The robot and science model building group for years 7 and 8 is run by Mr Cunningham to encourage any aspiring students with an interest in mechanics, computing and science. They get to work together to build working robots and machines. Those involved learn valuable skills of cooperation and team work as well as being able to apply scientific and engineering principles.

The quiz and puzzles group challenge is offered to Year 7 and 8 and run by Dr Tunstall. The focus is on developing both the knowledge and critical thinking skills of the students and having a bit of competitive fun at the same time.

The mystery and investigation enrichment run by Mr Banks seeks to develop curiosity and challenge the skills of investigation and deduction through some challenging and intriguing mysteries. Themes have included mystery codes, murder mysteries, classic mysteries like the Marie Celeste, conspiracy theories and air crash investigations.

The senior school chess sessions provide an opportunity for some cerebral competition. All ability levels are represented from novice to veteran and we are planning to establish a chess competition as a ‘spin off’ from the enrichment activity. Mr Patten and Mr Banks are on hand to adjudicate and offer playing advice.