All pupils are expected to wear school uniform (as per the uniform kit lists) during the school day and to follow the school rules and guidelines relating to hair and jewellery.

Uniform should be worn neatly and should be kept clean and in good order. Shoes should be cleaned regularly. Shirts should be tucked in to trousers and skirts and collars fastened.

Shoes should be plain black and should not be trainer like in appearance. Girls should not wear sling backs or sandals and heels should not be too high for health and safety reasons.

Coats should be reasonably plain and not contain obvious logos.

Year 11 pupils may wear Office Dress from the start of the Spring Term onwards.

Office Dress for Y11 from Spring Term


  • Co-ordinating jacket, trousers, shirt and tie. No denim or similar.
  • Clean shoes – not trainers or sandals.
  • School rules relating to hair and jewellery apply.


  • Matching or co-ordinating skirt, trousers or dress with a jacket. Skirts or dresses should not be significantly shorter than knee length nor so long as to trail on the ground.
  • Shoes (not sandals) should not have excessively high heels and stiletto shoes should not be worn.
  • School rules relating to jewellery and make up apply.

School rules relating to jewellery and makeup

  • Excessive jewellery is inappropriate in school and could constitute a health and safety risk in some subjects.
  • Students may wear a single ring – such as a signet ring – but this must be removed for games and some practical lessons such as science, HE or Art.
  • Girls may wear a single set of stud earrings in the ear lobe only. Boys are not to wear any sort of earrings.
  • Nose rings, tongue studs, eye brow piercing and body piercing are not allowed.
  • A discrete necklace or chain may be worn but should be beneath the school shirt or blouse.
  • Bracelets should not be worn during the school day.
  • Girls make up should be discrete without excessive eye liner, eye shadow or bright lipstick.

Guidelines for hair

Girl’s hair, if shoulder length or longer, must be kept tied back during the school day.

Boy’s hair should be short and neat. Steps/shaved sides/lines are not permitted. There should be no visible use of hair gel or oil. Hair should not be so short as to leave the scalp visible. Those who need to shave should do so on a regular basis.

The school reserves the right to make the judgement about the suitability of hairstyles and colours and will take action if pupils return to school with unsatisfactory hair.

  • Boarders will be excluded from classes and school activities until their hair is deemed satisfactory.
  • Boarders will be sent to the hairdressers and/or asked to purchase a home hair-dye kit in order to re-dye their hair. The cost will have to be met by parents.
  • Day pupils will be sent home until their hair is deemed satisfactory.
  • Flagrant breaches of these guidelines will be dealt with through the normal disciplinary procedures of the school.