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Extra Curricular / Enrichment

Senior School Study and Activities

Senior School pupils who elect to stay at school after lesson 6.  Between 4:30pm and 5:30pm pupils can participate in one of the range of activities that are on offer. Alternatively they can elect to use this hour for independent study, to complete their prep. This will be supervised in our Hub and ICT areas to enable access to all the resources pupils may need. To support best focus and learning discipline, work is completed in silence with our Year 10 and 11’s able to listen to appropriate ‘earphone’ music as long as it does not cause them or others any distraction. Dinner is available at 5:30pm and all pupils are welcome to eat before the conclusion of their school day.


Amidst the range of Academic and co-curricular developments at Finborough, Sport remains at the forefront of school life. Alongside significant and on-going development of our facilities we have engaged a full time conditioning coach and a number of new specialist coaches. Aspirations for our teams are justly high; set aside our belief in everything that sport does to enhance the lives of our pupils. We look forward to welcoming you to the many sporting events in the calendar both as supporters and participants.


Finborough’s excellent reputation for Art and Performing Arts is well deserved and undoubtedly our pupils have a wealth of talents in these two areas. During this school year there will be many opportunities for creativity and performance, from the Lion King to exhibitions. Prepare to be amazed beyond anything before as your children excel!

Please click here to view the enrichment timetable.