“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

The pursuit of art and design is an activity worthy of great dedication, but also as a vitally important vehicle to nurture the creativity, passion and individuality of each child at our school.

With a rapidly changing job market and no one in particular knowing what skills will truly be needed in the future all we can say is that creativity and confidence will be skills in high demand.  With this in mind we place great emphasis on encouraging our pupils to be curious, expressive, creative, hard working and above all confident at expressing their original ideas. We feel that a strong art department is the benchmark for a strong and forward thinking school as it enlivens and complements the academic life of our school in a unique way.

In Years 7-9: We all know that only a very small percentage of people will make their living out of being an artist. However, what we do know is that each student will need to be an able visual problem solver and confident in the presentation of ideas and concepts.

At Finborough School we have developed a broad-spectrum curriculum that develops a diverse set of skills, ranging from painting and drawing to experimental packaging design. The aim is to reawaken the inner artist and develop each student’s creativity. In Year 9 students will undertake an internal pre GCSE course developing skills necessary for further study.

In Years 10 & 11 (GCSE) students will undertake two coursework projects, which are initially teacher led, and move very quickly into student led work. We pride ourselves on not having a house style; all students will produce innovative and personal work. The final element of the course is the exam where students have from January until April to produce their preparatory work followed by a 10-hour exam, which is split up over a series of days.

Finborough School art department offers extra curricular art clubs including the forever popular “Boarders Art Club”, where the boarders can spend extra time creating their own work or spend more time on existing art work in the comfort of a relaxed and homely atmosphere.

Each year we offer a variety of art trips ranging from local galleries to trips to London as well as international trips such as the recent trip to New York City with a private tour and lecture about the future of the modern art market at the world-renowned Gagosian Gallery.