In the Senior School students follow a curriculum that covers local geography all the way to global issues and things that effect the rest of the World.

Fieldwork, ICT and map work are really important in Geography and are in each year’s scheme of work to make sure pupils develop confidence in decision making and planning.  Schemes of work focus on building knowledge and understanding the use of geographical skills.  We aim to stretch and nurture individual learning styles to ensure all students progress.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 – Tectonics, geology and rivers-including a geo-investigation in the local area.

Year 8- The UK, settlements, Kenya and extreme weather including a geo-investigation to     Stowmarket

Year 9- Pollution, Antarctica, geomorphology and environmental impact – including a geo-investigation to Ipswich and Great Finborough


The Edexcel A syllabus actively engages pupils in the process of geography to develop as effective and independent learners and to develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts and appreciate the relevance of these concepts to our changing world.  It aims to develop our students into critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds; a full geographical education and the provision of transferable skills into the workplace.

Year 10 – Rivers, Coasts, Tectonics , Settlement,  Watery World + Controlled Assessment to Bury St Edmunds

Year 11 – Economic, Settlement and Economic Change, Challenges for the planet and Tourism

Geographical skills are taught throughout the modules and on the Walton on the Naze revision field trip

An opportunity is also available to subscribe to Wide World, a GCSE specific magazine; also, the Geography Club runs weekly acting to support and expand learning.

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