Over the next decade, jobs in ICT will grow five times faster than the UK average. Computing and Information and Communication Technology capability is an essential skill for life and should enable all learners to actively participate in our rapidly changing world.

The computing and ICT curriculum at Finborough considers both what is happening behind the screen as well as the manipulation of software that appears on it, with up to date and relevant topics covering areas as diverse as binary, programming, animation and game creation. Students will also have the opportunity to put their creative skills to good use within web development and media editing projects.

The department offers numerous extra-curricular activities ranging from film production and robotics to mobile phone app development. Students are given opportunities to develop a variety of learning styles as they master tools and techniques that can be used to facilitate learning across many other curriculum areas.


This course is aimed at students who wish to increase their knowledge of software packages and gain a good understanding of the manner in which computers, from mobiles to mainframes, work and are used in modern life. The course provides students with a sound understanding of ICT and helps develop digital skills that will prove invaluable during further education or employment.