The department’s belief is that almost everyone can do maths, and do it well.  With an experienced set of teachers we know what works, and we have been around long enough to have seen most fads in learning.

Our approach to teaching maths is traditional and simple.   We keep the talk to the minimum and get the pupils learning as much as possible according to their preferred learning styles.  Homework is an essential and integral part of the scheme of study and all the class lessons are centred around the week’s homework tasks.

Almost all pupils will study a high level of maths from day one and the aim is to get almost all pupils to level 6 by the end of Year 9, a level higher than the national average.  From Year 10 onwards pupils will prepare for their GCSE examination at the end of Year 11. The target grade for the majority of pupils is A*-B at the end of Year 11.

For the most gifted pupils additional lessons are offered once a week to deepen their understanding of the more advanced concepts; concepts they will need when studying A level.   We regularly test pupils to see whether they are on target; for those that have been identified as falling behind, additional lessons are offered which focus on basics of arithmetic and GCSE exam techniques.

All the lessons at KS3 and GCSE are supported by our maths-centred microsite, which has a host of videos and other resources to help the more independent of learners.