Music at Finborough is bustling department with many students studying one or more musical instruments.

There are music ensembles for all genres and instruments, from Madrigal choir to Folk group to Orchestra and Rock bands.  Our senior choir regularly performs in local and national festivals and are lucky enough to participate in Music tours; Venice was one of our favourites!

Along with tutor run ensembles we also have Music Captains who lead ensembles for the year 7 and 8 students, something which proves very popular.

Music lessons in key stage 3 focus on developing the basic musical skills covered in years 1 to 6.  Students will study a variety of music from around the world including Indonesian Gamelan, African singing and Instrumental music, Indian Raga and Western Music including modern works that use music technology.

We will also look at the development of music from Ground Bass to Blues to modern popular music through composition modules.  During lessons students will learn musical vocabulary, basic performance and composition skills and for those already playing an instrument, existing skills will be drawn upon to help lead rehearsals and performances. Transferable skills such as working in a group to create a performance and the ability to perform to a class are also widely developed during class Music lessons.

GCSE Music allows students to delve deeper into composition, performance and analysis.  The course is structured as follows:

  • Performance – Students perform 2 pieces, one as a solo on any instrument or voice and one as an ensemble with 3 or more performers.
  • Composition – Students create a portfolio of either 2 compositions, 2 arrangements or one composition and one arrangement.  This may be for any instruments.
  • Exam – Students study 12 pieces from 4 different areas of study: Western Classical Music 1600 – 1899, Music in the 20th Century, Popular Music in context and World Music.  This allows students to begin analysis of different musical genres and to recognise and comment on elements of the set works.

We are very lucky at Finborough to have strong links with the drama and art departments leading to some wonderful collaborations including an annual musical; past performances include ‘Rent’, ‘Aladdin’ and ‘High School Musical’.  Performance is a massive part of Musical life at Finborough and with the festivals, tours, musicals, cabaret evenings, recitals, 1940 swing nights, and rock concerts we really have something for everyone.