Leadership and Buddy Programmes
We have recently launched unique Leadership and Buddy Programmes. Centred on Covey’s Seven Habits, our pupils enjoy experiences that develop them as individuals and members of a team. The leadership curriculum is extremely ambitious, unrelenting in its focus on every pupil being their very best. The Buddy Programme is the manifestation of our Finborough family, bringing children of all ages together and learning together.

Finborough Folio
All pupils are presented with their Finborough Folio when they start each phase of the school. This is a beautiful book, ready for them add evidence of their achievements and experiences across the school year.

Life Skills (SPACE)
Throughout the school year our pupils will experience three very special SPACE days that will examine their responsibilities as British Citizens in the context of ‘Self’, ‘Health’ and ‘Wealth’. This new age specific life skills curriculum across the school, will complement academic studies and the wealth of co-curricular opportunities our pupils enjoy.

Technology and the Internet enhance our world and we have an important responsibility to ensure children grow to become digitally responsible adults. eSafety will be a key component of our Life Skills (PACE) programme and part of the fabric of how we operate every day at Finborough. Our pupils have with them everyday, technology that can certainly enhance learning, however it can also be a significant and damaging distraction and dangerous if misused. To address this issue we accept and are pleased that pupils bring internet enabled devices to school for the purpose of learning, however have to set firm safeguards in place for the use of digital equipment such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The school day is for learning and not for games, social networking or other recreational digital activities, therefore whilst at school including break, lunchtime, early drop off and late stay devices are not permitted to be used unless supervised by a member of staff and then only for learning.