Edexcel’s GCSE in Physical Education is designed to develop an understanding of how and why people get involved in sport, why it is important to lead an active lifestyle, and how to apply and demonstrate the relationship between the factors affecting participation and performance.

Students will undertake a range of practical activities, offering four for assessment, and will be required to show advanced skills within the context of the activity and demonstrate their abilities in increasingly challenging situations. The course provides the basis for progression to an appropriate advanced level course, such as GCE A levels or BTEC Nationals.


In addition to the obvious physical benefits, a training in Physical Education will develop vital transferable skills such as team work, performance improvement, and data analysis and interpretation – all of which are much sought after in public and private-sector industry.

Edexcel’s Advanced GCE in Physical Education is designed to help students develop their skills not only as a player/performer but also as a coach and leader. Progression could be to an appropriate university degree, where they may be required to use their analytical skills, or into the sport and leisure industry where they will use their coaching and leadership skills.