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 AQA 7181 (AS), 7182 (A)

Why Study Psychology?

Psychology is ‘the scientific study of mind and behaviour’. It centres around gaining understanding of the many facets of the human form.  It is a fascinating subject because it aims to explain ‘you’, and explores what makes us who we are. During the course, we try to answer some of the questions psychologists ask, through learning about and evaluating the available research evidence from a number of different approaches, including biological, cognitive and behavioural psychology. You will develop important skills of analysis and evaluation; making judgements as to whether the current research evidence does indeed present a persuasive argument. During the course, you will also develop written skills in order to answer both the shorter and longer, more essay-based, exam questions. You will focus on understanding the material we cover, which can be theoretical or scientific in nature, and you will challenge yourself to always think critically about the course content.

Skills required

The course requires good literacy, numeracy and communication skills, as well as the ability to analyse and formulate interpretations. It requires an interest in people, an interest in science – especially biology – and the ability and self-discipline to follow scientific, experimental approaches.

What does the course consist of?

The A Level will be assessed at the end of the two years through three written papers, on all the areas shown below. There is no assessed coursework. Each of the three papers is two hours long, covers a combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended answers, and is worth a total of 96 marks. The AS is a standalone qualification, covering these ** areas. It is examined by two papers, each 1 hour 30 minutes, and worth 72 marks.

Introductory Topics in Psychology** Psychology in Context** Issues and Options in Psychology
·  Social influence

·  Memory

·  Attachment

·  Psychopathology

·  Approaches in Psychology

·  Biopsychology

·  Research Methods

·  Issues and Debates in Psychology

·  Relationships

·  Eating behaviour or schizophrenia or stress

·  Addiction or aggression

GCSE subjects recommended: Grade B or better in English and science and a minimum grade C in maths, together with a minimum of two other GCSE subjects at grade C or better.

Progression and Careers : Useful for any job that requires lots of interaction or an understanding of  human behaviour and development. People with skills in psychology are sought after in business, sports, forensics, teaching, research, social work, medicine and healthcare. If you study it at degree and post-graduate level, you’ll have opportunities to work in a huge range of areas.