Our aim in the science department is to promote and develop individual learning.  In order to achieve this we endeavour to ensure that our students are well motivated and have the desire to succeed.

We actively encourage students to engage with and take control of their own learning, which will help them to overcome problems, reflect on their work and consider what steps to take, to improve.

In Year 7 and 8, the emphasis is on developing scientific thinking and curiosity about natural phenomena.  Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, students are encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of wonder.  Students will follow an in-house scheme of work developed to provide an exciting and stimulating introduction to the sciences.

In Year 9, students embark on a three year Science GCSE course.  OCR Gateway Science and Additional Science are taught to those following a double science pathway.  We also offer a triple science pathway, where OCR Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught separately by subject specialists. For most students this is the preferred route and will prepare those students who wish to undertake biology, chemistry or physics at a higher level.

Here in the Science department, we aim to provide students with many opportunities to learn out of the classroom setting.  Apart from our regular annual Year 7 trip to the Science Museum, planned future trips include a combined history, ICT and science trip to Bletchley Park, a Year 8 trip to the Space Centre and an exciting trip to CERN for Year 11 and 6th form physicists. In the past we have organised visits to Thorpe Park, Howe Hill and Woburn Safari Park.

The extra-curricular commitment of the department provides opportunities for students in all year groups.  There is a developing electronics club for those interested in robotics and computer programming.  We take part in externally run competitions and have trips out to events of interest. For example, an opportunity to be selected for the Salters Chemistry festival competition (against other schools).  We also support students who want to take part in work experience schemes, including  Science Camp at the John Innes Centre in Norwich and Salters Chemistry Camps at leading English universities.