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UCAS: The Gateway to Higher Education and Beyond

A, bespoke Finborough education often culminates with pupils heading off to top universities. We ready pupils for Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities by providing mentoring and advice with regard to top quality applications. Considering the years of life skill development through Covey’s 7 Habits, Learnability and the acquisition of excellent qualifications, they are more than ready for this process. Staff across the Senior School and in the school’s leadership team are expert in guiding pupils in how to enhance their opportunities as they go forward.

The UCAS Process Explained

What does UCAS stand for?

UCAS stands for University and Colleges Admissions Services and it is the charitable organisation through which applications to universities and most colleges of higher education are processed. Higher education, or HE, is the next step up the educational ladder after GCSEs and A-levels. UCAS process over two million full-time undergraduate course applications every year. UCAS has a step-by-step guide to the application process on its website.

Why is UCAS so important and how will I know how to apply?

Rising tuition fees for university courses have put a huge amount of pressure on young people to choose the right course and the right university, so that they don’t make an expensive mistake. UCAS is important because it is the primary route for everyone choosing to go down the university road. UCAS understands the twists and turns of the journey pupils will be making is there to provide guidance every step of the way. UCAS even provides a list of all the unfamiliar words and terms it uses.

When do Pupils need to apply through UCAS?

There are three application deadlines in the UCAS calendar which pupils who are applying through UCAS need to be aware of: October for those applying to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, January for those applying to all other universities and March for those wishing to apply to do a degree in Art and Design. The first two are referred to as ‘A’ route applications and the last as ‘B’ route, as the process for applying to Art and Design courses is quite different to the one for applying to study academic subjects.

Talk to us in the Senior School about any aspect of this; we would be only too pleased guide you.