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Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

To maintain the highest of standards, all students are expected to arrive daily in attire suitable to be worn at a high-end office.  On a day with a sports afternoon (Tue/Thurs), students should arrive at school in their sports kit to alleviate the need to change.  However, on all other days, full school uniform should be worn – if there is any need to change into their sports kit during the day, students should change back again afterwards.

Office dress should be worn neatly and should be kept clean and in good order. Shoes should be cleaned regularly, shirts should be tucked into trousers and skirts, collars fastened, and ties done up to the neck.

  • General – boys should wear a subtly coloured smart lounge suit and shirt or suit trousers and smart plain jumper, accompanied by a tie and dark socks. Girls should wear a subtly coloured two-piece skirt or trouser suit with shirt, dark socks, or plain tights. Alternatively a skirt or dress (minimum length at or just above the knee) with blazer or smart plain jumper.
  • Coats – these should complement the other clothing being worn, or be plain blue or black with no obvious non-school logos and not of a ‘hoodie’ style.
  • Shoes – these should be plain, and not trainer like or casual in appearance.  Sandals, ‘sliders’ or ‘sling-backs’ should not be used, and heels should be no higher than one inch.  All shoes should be cleaned regularly.
  • Hair – Hairstyles should be sensible and not extreme.  The colour must not be dyed outside of that which is natural and should not include any coloured streaks or highlights.  Any hair accessories should be minimal.  Long hair should be tied up with appropriate bands or grips.  Stubble and beards on faces should be kept to a minimum unless well-groomed.
  • Nailsthese must be of a safe and appropriate length and of a natural colour.
  • Jewellery – students are allowed to have up to two piercings in each ear – these are limited to small hoops or studs.  In addition, students are allowed to wear one necklace, discrete bracelets and unobtrusive rings.  All jewellery should be inconspicuous.
  • Make-up – students may wear a small amount of make-up such as mascara and eye shadow provided that it is subtle and not attract undue attention.

Where required, the school reserves the right to make judgements about inappropriate presentation and uniform and will take appropriate action to find a prompt solution.  Parents should communicate with tutors when problems with uniform arise.