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Head Boy and Head Girl

Each year, these prestigious positions are offered to our top pupils following successful applications and interviews. These role models of responsibility are key figures in our school community, acting as a spokespeople and approachable and enthusiastic leaders.

Over the years, we have been truly inspired by our student leaders. The position of Head Boy and Head Girl are the ultimate accolades and worthy of emphasis on applications for the top universities in the world.

A warm welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Hello, my name is Arianna and it’s a privilege to be the Head Girl for this upcoming academic year. 

Finborough is more than just a school; but a family, a place beyond academics that takes into account the mental and physical well-being of all students. I cannot be more joyful than to be a voice of such a wonderful community!

As Head Girl I am ready to work in a harmonious way to create a perfect role model for fellow students to look up to, voice concerns to and overall a friendly face to seek comfort in.  An important factor that sparked my interest in becoming Head Girl was how Finborough helped me grow and conquer my fears and doubts; this has allowed me to gain confidence in everything I do! I have enjoyed participating as a solo in performing art soirées, I also took the lead role in one of Finborough’s recent stage productions.  

It is a great pleasure to support fellow boys and girls into becoming the best versions of themselves the same way the community did for me.

By joining Finborough and the boarding family, I have been equipped with the blessing of understanding the school and community dynamics.  I am able to admire my community, which places a high value on togetherness and bonding. 

I look forward to the positive year ahead!

My name is Joshua Fawcett I am thrilled to be Head Boy here at Finborough. I am now in my sixth year at Finborough and school simply gets better every year; the students, teachers and mindset of the school make this happen!

I want to help push the School’s mindset forward and keep the trend going. I have admired Head Boys through my time here and I knew I wanted to fill this role following the impact they had on me. 

In the two weeks I had to campaign for this role I learnt so many new things about the school and spent time with so many students. Each student and teacher fit into the school and keep the cogs spinning. The levels of support at Finborough are next to none, and I can’t wait to be a part of this. 

Both Arianna and I have an exciting year ahead of us and very much look forward to developing the School and bringing year groups together, supporting the Students and teachers as well as running events. Let’s make this the best year yet at Finborough.