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Pastoral Care

Pastoral support in the Sixth Form is an area we are very proud of at Finborough School and the Sixth Form Team plays a crucial role in this aspect of our students’ life.  Each student is assigned a personal tutor that is responsible for overseeing academic and pastoral development.

Students meet on a regular basis with their Tutor for a 1 to 1 chat and to discuss and help the student with his or her school life and others challenges or opportunities that may present themselves.  Tutors are also the link between home and school and will take time to contact parents to update them on progress and if there are any concerns.  Tutors invest a considerable amount of time with their students to make sure they achieve the goals they have set out and to advise and encourage them.

The Sixth Form Tutorial Programme is diverse and evolves as the challenges that face our students change.  These can be classroom based activities, presentations by visiting speakers or trips out to events; students also have to lead sessions and assemblies as part of this.

Within this programme, core issues are addressed which affect the students such as personal finance, CV writing, interview practice, career planning, time management and the development of self-evaluation skills.

Due to our size, the family feel we have at Finborough ensures that communication is effective and efficient.