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Sport runs deep through the veins of Finborough. The paramount importance of athletic endeavour can be seen in our pupils on so many levels. Their physical wellbeing and fitness is enhanced tremendously by the active life they enjoy at Finborough. We are strong believers that a healthy body is inextricably linked to a healthy mind.

Sport provides an outstanding opportunity to develop key qualities including perseverance, determination and collaboration, set aside a healthy competitive spirit which is balanced with deeply embedded humility and honour.

Our pupils are proud to be part of great teams, frequently achieving exceptional results, including national medals and trophies, however, always metered with a profound ‘Better Never Stops’ mindset.

Our children enjoy the use of outstanding facilities that inspire great commitment and motivate everyone from our targeted elite athletes to those who have so much fun immersed in the multitude of sporting opportunities on offer. Whether navigating around our cross country courses, locked in a deeply competitive match on our beautifully tended pitches or making use of our state of the art Sports Hall and Olympic standard equipped gym, our children really enjoy the best of sport.

Our highly experienced and skilled sports team delivers a comprehensive programme across our 2 – 18 years age range predicated on continuous development of skill, strength and conditioning. This progressive professional approach is designed to engender a lifelong love of sport and exercise, alongside qualities that run beautifully parallel with our core ethos including Covey’s Seven Habits and a deep set ‘Growth Mindset’ forming a core part of a wonderful school life.